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oval printing machine with digital printer
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Fabric Printing

Basic introduction:

our ovalprinting machine combine its advantage of multi-color and multi -plate withdigital printer ,by this way,our print can reach too soft to notouching,Washable,and it is easy to oprate ,eay to learn.i believe it can helpyour printing bueiness to a high level.


1.oval structure, modular combination,convenient space layout, can expand the print head and station at any time.

2.A printing head corresponds to a pluralityof platens, which can meet the requirements of different printing materials,such as ink, glue, printing, water slurry, hot stamping, flocking and so o.

3.The advanced "flash drying" dryeris combined with the high-efficiency energy-saving carbon fiber U-shapedheating tube. The heating tube can be individually controlled to be turned off.The number of lamps can be adjusted according to the printing area, and thetemperature can be adjusted to minimize the energy consumption.

4.With the ultrasonic humidification device,it can effectively avoid blocking the mesh.

5.The size of the  frame can beinterchanged, and the original frame of the customer can also be used.

6.When the frame is wiped, the frame is lifted with the print head, and one button is controlled, whichis practical and convenient.

7.The advanced hollow honeycombstructure aluminum alloy platen has high surface flatness, is not easy tobe deformed, and has good heat dissipation, and the glue is not easy to blockthe frame.

8.Quickly change the platen function, it takesonly a few seconds to replace a platen, and there is no need to re-adjust theplaten level. One machine meets the requirements for fabric sheet and garmentprinting.

9.The machine can be equipped with flocking,pressing, digital printer and other functions, and a variety of printingprocesses can be realized on the same machine.

10. flexible and convenient frameclamping and positioning device, which is conducive to the fastest speed andaccurate version.
11. Precise and reliable host servo drive, plus precise independent positioningsystem to ensure long-term stable and high-precision operation of the wholemachine.
12, color touch screen man-machine interface, providing intuitive andconvenient operation experience, and support fault self-diagnosis andtroubleshooting tips.


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