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SGS-1006 6 Colors Ribbon Printing Machine
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Description:SGS-1006 6 Colors Ribbon Printing Machine is applied for printing cloth tape, cotton tape, ribbon,elastic tape, and roll paper. It may be applied for large area printing with average ink distribution, clean small prints, a-ccurate printing, and clear ink.B type rotary printing machine may print on both sides at high speed of 1 meter per second,with good printing effect and free from influence from tension of raw materials. It is the best option for printing labels and trademarks on clothes, shoes, toys, gloves,

Device Running Video:

SGS-1006 6 Colors Ribbon Printing Machine


1.High speed rotary printing:3,600 meters per hour.

2. Exquisite printing effect:using the offset printing principle of circular pressing, the printing patternhas a high quality effect with accurate color and clear color.

3. Simple operation, quickcommand and convenient operation.

4.Printing materials areextensive, and can be used for high-speed printing of ribbon, tape, elastic,cotton, nylon and roll paper.

5.Double-sided synchronous printing:type B machine can print on both sides simultaneously.

Performance advantages:

1. The crank and connecting rodink leveling system is reasonable, rapid and uniform.

2. Automatic oil pumping andtransmission lubrication system can make the machine live longer and soundlighter.

3. The main motor adoptsfrequency control motor, with stable speed regulation and power saving.

4. Control the discharge ofmaterials by the electric eye, and stop the machine automatically when thematerials are used up.

5. The printing length is inputby numerical value and can be counted automatically.

6. The machine is equipped withinfrared ray automatic drying system (optional parts).


Type no.


Printing color group

Positive six, positive five and negative one, positive four and negative two

Maximum printing area

95 x 398 mm

Maximum feed width

100 mm

Printing speed range



220V/1.5 Kw

Type no.

180L x 90D x 168Hcm

Printing color group

960 Kg

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